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Respite - BaseCamp3030

BaseCamp3030 is an independent Christian charitable organisation providing respite services to Wyndham families with a family member with a disability. BaseCamp3030 is an innovative and passionate organisation with a reputation for quality care.

The work of BaseCamp3030 is motivated by Christian principles and values expressed in the words and deeds of Jesus Christ. BaseCamp3030 believes in the value of all people as made in the image of God and as loved by God. We are therefore called to show the same love, with compassion and respect for people in need, in the provision of care and respite services.

BaseCamp3030 is the business name of the Werribee Baptist Church & Wyndham Community Benevolent Foundation Inc (The Bridge), a Public Benevolent Institution with tax-deductible gift recipient status. BaseCamp3030 was established to respond to the needs of people requiring respite care. The board has representatives from the Werribee Baptist Church (WBC), Werribee Special Links (WSL) and the Community.

For further information or contact Ann Low (Respite Care Coordinator) on the following: