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Small Groups

In a growing church like WBC, Small Groups are the best way to see people connected and growing together. Small groups are at the very heart of our church because it's in our groups that we experience real church family. Small groups are where:

  • we develop relationships that see us pastorally caring for and providing practical support to one another
  • our struggles and questions find a safe place to be shared
  • bible study finds its relevance and application
  • we discover and put into practice our spiritual gifts and our call to ministry within God's church and into the wider community

In addition to our more conventional small groups there are a number of other groups, courses and programs which are run by WBC, including:

  • Know Your Bible (KYB) Ladies groups (click here)
  • Various "Careforce" programs (click here)
  • Various other seminars and courses

Small Groups are an essential part of finding your place of connection in God's family here at WBC.

Want to connect? To find a Small Group that's right for you contact the Church Office