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Registration 2020

We collect important information about all children who attend WBCKids. 

This Registration process helps us deliver the best care and programs possible!

Our 2020 Registration is now open.

Please visit the link below to complete the form online.  

Note: We require a separate form for each of your children.



Learning about God’s love may be the greatest adventure your child will ever undertake!

We believe the good news of Christ can impact our children, families, communities, and schools. We are excited to play even a small role in your child’s faith journey and partner with you in this ministry. Through our programs, we will help your child explore, dive in and discover the Scripture stories that share God’s love for us.

Let’s help our little people grow big faith, together!


Our WBCKids program runs for 80 minutes from 10:00-11:20am.

ARRIVAL: Upon arrival, follow the signs and flags straight to KidsCentral where you’ll be greeted by a WBCKids Leader who will help answer questions and check-in your child to the right program. You’ll receive a printed name tag that your child must wear and a pick-up card that you must keep for child collection after the service.

DURING: Our WBCKids programs include fun songs, teaching times and games/crafts! You are welcome to stay with your child for a short time if they are uncomfortable or nervous, otherwise we will send you an SMS message if we need to contact you.

PICK-UP: The doors are opened for pick-up at 11:15am. You will be guided through our spaces to collect your child and then hand over your pick-up card to a WBCKids Leader as you exit.

Our Programs

Exploratory play and engaging fun! ToddlerZone is all about exciting explorations! It’s a fun, play & learn environment for children aged 1-3yrs who are not yet participating in external kindergarten sessions. The program includes engaging and age-appropriate songs, toys and activities about Jesus and the Bible.

Diving into the Bible and faith! KinderZone helps our little ones dive deeper! It has been developed for children aged 3-5yrs and begins to build their understanding of God, the world around them and each other. This program is tailored for kindergarten children and includes fun games, stories, songs and activities.

Discovering their faith with friends! KidZone encourages children to discover faith! It is a dynamic and vibrant service for primary school children across grades Prep to 6. They spend time together in worship, take part in engaging and Biblical teaching moments and play relevant games and crafts. We include a special Grades 5/6 small group for the older children during this time.

CHILDREN WITH ADDITIONAL NEEDS: If you have a child with any additional needs, such as: learning, sensory, allergy, disability, behavioural etc. please feel free to talk with us before the program so we can help them maximise their time at WBCKids. Additional Needs Children are also welcome to bring their own comforts like hearing protection, blankets etc.


We are committed to ministering to children, young people and vulnerable adults by providing an environment that is physically, emotionally and spiritually safe. Everyone who serves in our WBCKids team must understand and agree to the following:

  • WBC Safe Church policy and Code of Conduct
  • WBC Confidentiality policy
  • hold a current Working With Children Check