We all face battles that others can't see.

Despite the uncertainty of the world and the burdens we can place
on ourselves, Scripture encourages us to release that pressure to God.
When we do, we can find a peace that goes beyond our understanding!

In this series, we’ll learn how to navigate the battles of our mind,
body and soul in the quest for Finding Peace.

Continue reading to discover additional resources, Bible Plans
and links each week as we journey through the series.

Series Resources
Dive deeper into this series.

Mental health challenges can feel like a storm. But with wisdom from the Bible, we can find hope and a way forward!

HOUSE OF CARE: Each Wednesday night, 7-9PM. Onsite prayer and care.
FRESH HOPE: A safe, closed group course on coping with mental health struggles. Contact our Office for more info.
LIFE GROUPS: Be part of a Life Group for deeper relationship.
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Video Resources

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