Developing an inclusive community of play.

We envision an inclusive and engaging environment for families to experience social connection and play in a fun, safe and stimulating way. 

The current play space no longer meets the expectations of this vision. It is aging quickly with some equipment now requiring replacement or removal for it to remain safe. We believe our new play-space can fulfill our vision to offer new social opportunities, for both children and adults.

How can you help?

This project needs help from the following people


Can you operate earthmovers? Can you dispose of old soil or shape new environments? We require experienced landscapers to define our new space.

Garden Logs & Rocks

Do you have large garden rocks or tree logs & stumps? We're looking for people who can supply and transport these large items to the site.


Are you blessed with resources? Do you own a business that could donate finances, equipment or products? We'd love to hear from you.


Handy with a shovel? We're looking for people who are happy to put in some hard work or drive the wheelbarrow to get the job done.


Are you a green thumb? Do enjoy weeding and pruning? We're looking for people who love to garden - both removing and adding plants!


Are high-quality decks, pergolas or timber structures your thing? We're looking for people who can build structures that last!

Find more ways to serve.
There's are many other opportunities to help.