Pastor Stan shares his vision and reasoning behind the WBC Covid-19 Roadmap through 2020 and into the beginning of 2021.

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Greetings WBC, 

I pray that you are all doing well during this time.

I am writing to give you an update on how we are processing the current COVID-19 Road Map for Victoria and what our own plans are for WBC. While we are looking ahead, we are also holding these plans loosely as things continue to change rapidly. As things stand at the moment, here is the current roadmap: 



The current VicGov Road Map anticipates worship gatherings (with limited numbers) may be possible by the end of November, however, we believe that the right thing for WBC is to remain primarily Church Online for the remainder of 2020. 



In Nov/Dec We will bring in staff and key leaders to be a part of Sunday services. This will allow us to work with those who will be integral to reopening so we are properly prepared for ministry to, and with, the broader congregation and community.
It is our desire to be able to host an outdoor event in December and combine that with an outreach around food hampers. We hope there will be days to bring people together for planning and prepping the hampers as well as WBC engagement when we invite the community to pick them up.

We anticipate opening up public services in January 2021.
We will be guided by restrictions as to what that looks like. We are also assessing outdoor opportunities for people to connect with each other in open spaces at the property after services.



We recognise this delay may be disappointing to some, but we believe it is the right direction for several reasons:

  1. We believe God is guiding us on this path. Opening up now would be my plan! However God has impressed upon my heart the below Scriptures and I have sought counsel from others who are agreeing that this is what God is saying:
    - Love your neighbour as yourself. (Matt 22:39)
    - Live wisely among those who are not believers (Col. 4:5)
    - Submit to the governing authorities (Romans 13”1)
    - There is wisdom in multitude of counsellors (Prov. 15:22)
  2. We want to be responsible in our community. We do not want to be a spreader of the virus and our Wyndham region has consistently been a known hotspot. We believe that re-opening a little more slowly is the best way to let our neighbours know we care about them.
  3. Re-opening involves far more than just unlocking the doors and letting people come in. There are many things that have to be done logistically to make that happen. Tracking attendees, accommodating social distancing, thorough cleaning between services, pulling serving teams back together, and more.
  4. There are some renovations that are necessary to accommodate physical gatherings and church online simultaneously. Builders have been unable to quote on the planned work because of restrictions. We are confident that as restrictions ease we will be able to accomplish these projects before the end of the year. 



As restrictions ease, we will encourage LIFE groups to have their own outdoor catchups within the required limits - in addition to their regular online meetings. We hope for a full restart of groups meeting regularly in homes next year.


In general, the answer to other ministries restarting will be that they need to stay online for the remainder of 2020, including any previous onsite ministry. If restrictions allow for offsite gatherings we will help to facilitate and empower that within our capacity to do so.


The above WBC Roadmap is a moving target based on what we are allowed to do at a given time. If restrictions ease quickly, parts of the Roadmap may be reconsidered.

If you have questions regarding the above information, please email our Office.


Ps Stan Richey

Join us for Church Online.