Video Transcript

Hey Church!

Well, Term 1 of 2021 is done and dusted and we made it through!

When you look around now you can see a new forecourt, children’s play space, production desk and café alongside fantastic Sunday services, kids min and youth.

With all of this, it may be difficult to see that 2020 really took its toll on WBC and on our amazing staff and leaders.

Did you know in 2020 we went 42 weeks in a row without onsite services or ministries?
For us as a church, Term 1 of 2021 has been a chance for the dust of 2020 to settle. Very appropriately, we began the year with a series called ‘REBUILD – Rise from the Rubble’ – and that is exactly what we have been doing! This term has been a chance to regroup, assess our capacity and what ministries we are able to bring back and which ones we cannot. We truly didn’t know what WBC would look like as we returned in 2021, and the dust continues to settle…


And I am so thankful to God that WBC is still here and is, in fact, thriving. 

We have welcomed new faces every Sunday this year, our kids and youth ministries are growing, we’ve continued to connect our new online community and we’ve seen some of our mid-week ministries returning better than before!

With that dust of 2020 settling, we can look to the coming year with excitement and optimism.
But this is a marathon, not a sprint.
My hope is to use Term 2 to restart the engine in 4 key areas. 

  1. Sunday Nights
  2. Volunteers
  3. Life Groups
  4. Sunday Mornings


SUNDAY NIGHTS are being reimagined and making a return with a variety of events and guest speakers planned throughout Term 2. 
I’m very excited for the opportunities this new gathering will bring as we restart our Sunday night community and welcome new people into our spaces at a new time of 6PM!

Sunday Nights are kicking off this week with the launch of Alpha, and some prayer and worship nights and guest speakers will follow closely behind. 

Stay tuned for more details!

After we put out the call for additional serving volunteers earlier this year, we’ve since discovered that we weren’t quite ready for the amazing response! We currently have around 50 new people in the process preparing to serve and our staff are working hard to get our new Volunteers up and running.

Term 2 will be an important time to continue activating and training these new volunteers and keep our teams growing, safe and equipped to take on the rest of 2021 and beyond.

For those people who are waiting, we appreciate your grace and patience – you are valuable and not forgotten.  We can’t wait to serve alongside you.

For LIFE GROUPS, it’s a similar story. Through a disruptive 2020, we have seen a lot of changes amongst our life group community. In particular, we currently have a large number of people wanting to join a group and at the same time, we have seen several life group leaders move away or transition out for various reasons.

It is taking a little longer than we would like to identify, recruit, and train new leaders,  but please know that we are working hard on it and greatly value the importance of connecting you with others.

It is my hope that Term 2 reveals new leaders in new locations and our Life Groups can grow quickly by connecting our people together.

Lastly, SUNDAY MORNINGS will be continuing with our twin 9 & 11AM services for the foreseeable future. While covid capacity limits are shifting, these double services give us flexibility for any future outbreaks, room to welcome new people, and provide the necessary capacity for our booming kids ministry.


As you can see, while we have worked hard this year to create a welcoming and faith-filled Sunday experience for us to all return to, there is much work still to be done in other areas of WBC.

As we continue to grow, there will be different growing pains for different people, but it is a sign that we are healthy! 


Thank you for your prayers, patience and grace as we continue striving to be a loving community, seeking, serving and sharing Jesus!

Pastor Stan