Have you ever stood at a crossroads, feeling the weight of a decision that could alter the trajectory of your life? I remember listening to Dr. Stuart Robinson speak years ago, a moment that marked the beginning of an incredible journey for me. He spoke of a world desperately needing to hear about Jesus—a world where billions live without ever meeting a follower of Christ. That night, he invited us to step forward if we were willing to be sent, and I, amidst my fears and insecurities, took that step. 

Now, looking back, I see how that moment of surrender led me down a path I could never have imagined for myself. From a shy, withdrawn teenager to someone who has journeyed far and wide, sharing the love of Jesus, I've learned it's not about our capabilities but our willingness to say, "Here am I, Lord, send me."

This experience has shown me that true success isn't found in worldly achievements but in living a life surrendered to God's purposes. It challenges the middle-class dream of comfort and material wealth, urging us instead to seek first His kingdom. It's about stewarding the gospel, living generously, and being part of a story much larger than ourselves.

So, as I share this with you, I wonder, what's your response to God's call? Are you wrestling with feelings of inadequacy or the allure of worldly success? Let me assure you, it's not about what we bring to the table but about our willingness to follow wherever He leads. 

Here's my challenge to you: Reflect on the legacy you're living today. Are you ready to step out in faith, even if it means redefining success and embracing discomfort? The journey of following Jesus is filled with uncertainty, but it's also marked by immeasurable joy and purpose. Let's be willing to say, "Here am I, Lord, send me," and live out a story that echoes into eternity.