There are different kinds of service, but we serve the same Lord.
1 Corinthians 12:5
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Sunday services can't happen without you.

What you see on Sunday doesn’t just happen! It takes a team of around 80 staff and volunteers working together to minister doing everything from parking cars, making coffees, running tech, making music, engaging kids, and more to create an environment where people can experience God’s love, hear His truth, and connect with His people.

Help us multiply hope seven days a week.

Serving is one of the best ways to meet people, develop relationships, and grow as a follower of Jesus. But it's not just about Sunday! Get involved serving in one of our many other ministry areas and projects... not just on the weekends!


Help our local community via The Bridge

Our Outreach ministry makes a difference in the lives of those living around you.

Base Camp 3030

Caring people who help families by offering respite and assistance to those who live with a family member living with a disability.

Kids Hope

A mentoring programme that partners with a local primary school to give kids an adult voice in there lives that can speak love and hope into their lives.

Food Relief

Providing food and other essential supplies to help and guide those who may be struggling to a place of independence and hope.


In partnership with schools, we provide chaplains to help kids who are struggling to find ways to cope so they may begin to thrive in education and life.

Bread of Life

We partner with a local bakery to provide baked goods at no charge to those in our community who are in need of help and connection.


Help our global community

Help take hope to the ends of the Earth.


Deanna is the Director of Personnel and Member Care for one of our global partner organisations. She looks after the assessment, selection, placement, and wholistic wellbeing of workers across the globe.


Jacqui is one of our global workers located in South Asia. She is the champion for an international initiative called HOPE for LIFE which seeks to provide education, relief, and support for those who are living with or vulnerable to HIV and AIDS.


Lisa is one of our global workers in South Asia. She works with University students and has a heart and passion for those who have been marginalised due to drug and alcohol addiction.

Chad & Erika

A family we partner with in delivering HOPE in South Asia. Chad is a highly skilled counsellor and works globally on creative media initiatives. Erika uses her passion for art to reach out into the community.

Phil & Carol

Our partnership with Phil and Carol goes back over 40 years as they have been delivering HOPE in an African nation to desert nomads who have never heard of Jesus!

Karen Congregation

We have partnered with the Karen refugee community who immigrated from South Asia, sharing our resources and facilities and enjoying combined ministry opportunities.

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