In our journey of faith, we often stumble upon a crossroad where our beliefs hinge on conditional expectations. We find ourselves bargaining with God – "If You do this, then I'll do that." But is this the essence of true faith?

Reflecting on our relationship with God, I've noticed a pattern. We come to Jesus, initially awed by His majesty – the perfect Son of God, our bridge to the Father and heaven. This awe, pure and genuine, unfortunately, often evolves into a list of expectations. We start to see our faith as a transaction, expecting Jesus to fulfill our worldly desires.

But here's the crux: what happens when these desires aren't met? When the job, the healing, the miracle we desperately prayed for doesn't materialize? Disappointment sets in, and for many, this leads to a crisis of faith. Our conditional faith, fragile and fickle, begins to crumble.

However, this isn't the faith Jesus calls us to. True faith isn't a series of transactions with God; it's an unconditional commitment. It's about following Jesus, not for the miracles or the blessings He can provide, but for who He is – the Saviour of our souls.

So, how do we cultivate this deeper, unconditional faith? It starts by revisiting our first encounter with Jesus, where we came to Him, acknowledging our sinfulness and His saving grace. It's about daily surrender, putting our trust in Him not just for salvation but for every aspect of our lives.

In this journey, let's challenge ourselves. Let's move beyond a faith that says, "I'll follow if…" to a faith that declares, "I'll follow, no matter what." For in Jesus, we find not just the fulfillment of our temporary desires but the promise of eternal life – a promise that far outweighs any conditional gains of this world.

As we walk this path, let's remember, true faith endures, unshaken by life's disappointments and unswayed by unmet expectations. It's a faith that looks beyond the seen, resting in the assurance of the unseen – the eternal love and salvation found in Christ!