Ever paused to think about the incredible journey faith can take us on? Reflecting on 55 years since the foundation of our church here in Werribee, Victoria, brings to mind the tremendous growth and the countless lives changed through the power of shared faith and community. It's remarkable how what started in a lounge room has blossomed into a vibrant community impacting lives far beyond those initial walls.

In 1969, amidst the backdrop of historical events like the moon landing and Woodstock, a small group embarked on a faith journey, laying the foundation for what we now know as our church. This journey underscores a powerful message: the lasting impact of living generously and stewarding the message of hope and faith.

Our church's legacy isn't just about the buildings or the programs; it's deeply embedded in the lives transformed, the hope shared, and the community built around the love of Jesus. This legacy is a testament to what it means to invest in something greater than ourselves. It's about passing on a heritage of faith that endures through generations, teaching us to be stewards of the gospel, sharing the love of Jesus with everyone we meet.

But what does it mean for us today? How do we carry forward this incredible legacy of faith and generosity? The answer lies in understanding that our actions today write the story of tomorrow. Each act of kindness, every word of hope, and all our investments in the lives of others continue the legacy of those who started this journey 55 years ago.

So here's a challenge for you: What story are you writing with your life? How are you using your gifts, time, and resources to impact the world around you? Let's strive to live a legacy of faith and generosity that echoes into eternity, honoring those who laid the foundations and inspiring those who will follow.

As we celebrate 55 years of God's faithfulness, let's commit to being faithful stewards of the gospel, sharing the hope and love of Jesus in every opportunity we get. Let's live a story worth telling.