Let’s join together and watch God do more that we could ever imagine!
What part will you play?

Over the last 54 years, the story of Werribee Baptist is one of love, hope, and transformation. This has been made possible through God’s abundant blessings, your incredible heart and generosity, and ouramazing facilities, built in faith. But we believe God has plenty more in store!

That's why we highlight the opportunity to give tax deductable gifts to our Building Fund. This is an opportunity for deliberate, additional giving above and beyond regular offerings. 

Each year God’s blessings shine through and our needs are achieved! Together, our collective giving creates a powerful ripple effect. Your participation becomes a part of something greater than yourself. 

Become part of a story that is 54 years in the making!


We have multiple ways you can give.

Transfer funds to our account.
BSB: 704-922
ACC: 100014989
Place in a clearly marked envelope into our Drop Boxes, or give to our office staff.
Text 'BUILD' to 0447 998 407 and follow the prompts to give using your phone.
Offset Account Giving
You can put your money to good use.

We have an offset account attached to our building loan to help reduce
the loan interest we pay throughout the year.
If you have significant amounts of money parked in your own accounts,
you could securely place that money into our offset account to help the church save on
interest payments. All of your money is still available to you at any time as you need.

If you would like to know more about this giving option, please contact the church office.

You're the difference.

Thank you for giving above and beyond and trusting us with your resources as we seek to further God’s Kingdom here at Werribee Baptist Church.