Great News! A New Chapter Begins MARCH 31
As you may have already heard, we are excited to be expanding our Sunday worship, starting March 31 (Easter Sunday) with two services: 9AM and 11AM! This change marks a significant milestone in our church's journey, reflecting the incredible growth and vibrant spirit of our community.
The last time we held two services was due to Covid capacity limits, but this time around it’s due to our own growth and capacity limits! Praise God!

Why Two Services? A Step Towards Our Vision
Our decision to introduce a second service is more than just a capacity fix; it's a pivotal step towards realising our shared vision to Multiply Hope in Wyndham. As our congregation grows, so does our opportunity to spread faith, love, and community. By hosting two services, we are opening our doors even wider, welcoming more hearts into our spiritual home to learn of God’s love.

Cultivating a Culture of Joy
While this transition will undoubtedly have some difficult moments, this is ultimately a time for celebration, not frustration! Let's embrace this change with enthusiasm together, seeing it as an opportunity to touch more lives and make even more meaningful connections within our community.

Let's step into this exciting phase with positivity and faith, making every Sunday a beautiful experience for our growing WBC family.

Looking forward to sharing this journey with each of you,

Pastor Stan Richey